Monthly Archives: May, 2009

Tips for a winning application


Here’s a sample of tried-and-true job application tips that have helped many of my federal clients advance. *Remember that employers don’t hire people; they hire applications. No matter how impressive your credentials are, they won’t help you land your next job if they are not conveyed in clear and compelling terms on your application. *Get a second opinion. To objectively evaluate how well your application comes across to others, show it to others and ask for their opinions. *Even if your hiring managers know you, assume they have no prior knowledge of your work. Even if you are the “inside” applicant,…

Prepare now for your future job


As the saying goes, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” One way to create your future is to plan and prepare for your long-term career moves. How? Search and agency Web sites for announcements for the types of jobs you would eventually like to land; identify gaps in your background that might thwart your pursuit; and work now to eliminate those gaps. If you have set your sights on the Senior Executive Service, start working now to gain experience in any SES executive core qualifications (ECQs) in which you are lacking. The Office of Personnel Management outlines…