Monthly Archives: July, 2009

Showcase skills when moderating panels


The next time you moderate a panel of speakers or introduce a speaker at an event, use your stint as the master-of-ceremonies as an opportunity to showcase your communication and management skills. Here is a checklist to help you do so: *Collect the bio or résumé of each speaker. Peruse books, articles or Web sites published by each of them. *Prepare a brief welcome that underscores the importance of the event’s topic and its relevance to current events. Your welcome should also preview the event agenda and mention the time allotted for each agenda item. *Call the speakers. You’ll need to remind…

When job searching, don’t hesitate to drop names


Although name-dropping is generally a faux pas in social situations, it’s good strategy on your résumé, job application essays, job interviews and annual summaries of your accomplishments. Your high-level associations may, for example, include: the titles of senior managers and executives inside and outside of your organization who have used, approved, praised or benefited from your work; the names of the stakeholder groups with whom you have interacted; the names of important projects you have worked on; the names of publications and high-traffic Web sites that have published your articles, quoted you or discussed your projects; the names of conferences…