Monthly Archives: October, 2009

Win that fellowship


Fellowships for experienced professionals are short-term assignments in various specialties that feature training, lectures and networking events. Fellows gain eye-opening experiences, expand their talents, and collect grist for their résumés and Rolodexes — all of which may enhance their effectiveness or help them land promotions. Some federal organizations run fellowships that exclusively recruit current feds, and some private organizations run fellowships that recruit from all sectors. Some tips from hiring managers on how to craft winning fellowship applications: *Make deadlines. Fellowship applicants are often rejected because they miss deadlines or submit applications that were “obviously dashed off on a last-minute…

Write a winning cover letter


Most online job application systems don’t accept cover letters. But if Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry gets his way, agencies will eliminate knowledge, skills and abilities essays (KSAs) and base their applications solely on cover letters and résumés. So if your next job application requires a cover letter, design it to quickly introduce yourself, convey your enthusiasm for your target opening and agency, concisely review your best educational and professional qualifications, and showcase your communication skills. As one hiring manager advises, “You will probably beat 95 percent of your competition just by submitting an error-free cover letter that…