Monthly Archives: September, 2010

10 ways to move up the career ladder


Aside from the obvious — work hard — here are 10 get-ahead tips: 1. Follow the money, power and controversy. Unfair though it may be, employees who work in front offices with senior executives and political appointees almost always climb the career ladder faster than comparably productive employees who work almost anonymously in back offices. Why? Because front offices usually have the power and funding to promote worthy employees. Pick projects that involve interacting with or working in front offices. 2. Be proactive. Don’t wait to be assigned ho-hum projects. Instead, design and ask to complete projects that would advance…

Ways to keep star producers shining


My Aug. 23 column reviewed some of the formal awards used to reward high-producing feds. Here are some informal, creative and low-cost ways to honor star producers: • Show them that they have earned your trust by loosening the reins and giving them work-at-home and alternative work schedule options. If appropriate, give them more discretion and less day-to-day supervision. • Thank them for their contributions in public forums, such as staff meetings, and explain to attendees what was special about their work. • Invite them to serve in acting positions that would give them more responsibility, broaden their skills and…