Monthly Archives: November, 2012

To get hired, think like a hiring manager


Want to understand how to impress hiring managers? It takes one to know one, as the saying goes. So the best way to understand hiring managers is to become one. You may be able to do so by volunteering to serve on a hiring committee. If you serve on a hiring committee, you will be shocked, outraged, entertained, horrified, humored, impressed and enlightened by how job seekers present themselves. But more importantly, you will be rewarded for your service with insider insights about how hiring managers think and how job seekers fail and succeed in their job quests — information…

Power of validation can lift you above the rest


Which of these statements is more persuasive and impressive? “I am an excellent swimmer. I know you will be impressed by how well I swim when you watch me.” “I won an Olympic gold medal in swimming.” The first statement — unsupported by any objective validation — could easily be dismissed as self-serving propaganda and an empty, presumptuous promise. By contrast, the second assertion is impressive because it incorporates objective, inarguable, universally respected validation: an Olympic medal. The second assertion meets the gold standard, literally. You can similarly use the power of validation to prove that you have met the…